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9 The Space Pirate by Rachidna 9 The Space Pirate by Rachidna
FOC Bio: Originally a Young Girl from a River town in Mobius known as "Bast's Port" 9 Started her life as a simple Fisherwoman... until an Accident during a Raging Storm saw her Thrown overboard of her Father's Fishing Vessel and thought she had been lost beneath the waves, She washed up in a Technological Island With Various Mobians who seemed to possess Supernatural Strengths and prowess other Mobians are not accustomed to having, this Island was considered uncharted land because none who ever went to the island have ever seemed to come home.... 9 Was Brought before the Leader of these Superior Beings... as 9 was only an Infant He saw no point in hurting the child and instead Augmented her into The Same Program all others on the island had undergone, "The Thor Augmentation" Genetically Enhancing the Young Girl's Body to like the people of the island Have a Supernatural Tolerance to Pain as Well as Enhanced Strength Speed and Intelligence, They Renamed The Girl with at the time to them had no name to "Isis Nine" or simply 9 For Short.

While 9 had Grown up on the island she found herself pondering the worth of these new enhancements if all they were to be were Island Folk who mastered such amazing technology yet would not Make Ships or Boats to go to other lands to seek new Food Crops or even to explore, Which was Shunned by this tiny Islands Government...

By 19 Years of Age 9 Had excelled and been like a Soldier to her People, She became a Law Enforcement Officer on the Island, But after a few chance sessions with their Leader about how things were Run on the Island he had decided that she would be his Mate... Something 9 Refused...

When the Leader Demanded this of her 9 Had taken matters into her own Hands and Built a Boat in Secrecy Before the two could be Wed...

On the day of their Wedding 9 Refused to be his Wife to which he had in a fit of Rage took a Cake knife at the Ceremony and had slashed Her Left Eyelids Badly forcing her to keep her Left Eye Shut until it healed enough.... However that was also the last Straw and She Broke Her Would Be/Attacking Mate's Neck Killing him at the Altar...

For what she had done she was Banished by the New Leader of the Island after she had Told the entire Audience at the Wedding she Refused to do it because she wanted to explore the World....

Soon after Leaving this Island she had Become a Sea and Space Pirate, Adopting an Eye Patch, Resorting to wearing very Little, Mainly a Bra and Her Trademark Pants which carry anything from Finger sized Bombs, Daggers, Ammo for her Sidearms, Emergency Rations, and a Flare Gun.

She Commonly Wields a 6 Shot Grenade Launcher
And two separate Sidearm Pistols.

But she also has plenty of other weapons at her disposal

9 is a Pirate Captain and Prefers to live the Life she lives, She's a Heavy Rum Drinker, Loves Treasure, Has Casual Sex when at her Favorite Bar when she's not on the sea or in the deep Regions of space, Has no preference of Men or Women *Usually likes to play with one of each at the same time* And Only Hires the Bravest of Sailors to be in her Pirate Crew....

Her Motto for them is "If you have Balls Enough to be in my Crew and You F#ck around on my Ship... You'll be leaving this ship when we Port without them"

9 is Considered a Chaotic Neutral, She's a Pirate, Treasure Hunter, Bounty hunter.
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LotoSoretsen Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
I do have to wonder... what part she plays in our part of the multiverse.
espioluvver Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Porcupine or hedgehog? XD
HectorNY Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist
It should be interesting if she and Rouge ever meet.
HanakoFairhall Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013

She better watch out for a pirate hedgehog named Scurvy
DragonWolf37 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like the Court of Eternal Night just found it's first real competition.
ShuyinTheEnigmatic Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Student Writer
Hm, seems like a nice person, XD
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